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Dear Friends in the Clinical Movement Analysis Society,

National Biomechanics Day (NBD) increases awareness of Biomechanics among high school students around the world and through this increased awareness seeks to greatly expand the many valuable contributions Biomechanics makes to human society. These contributions include substantial impacts in medicine and rehabilitation, human performance, man-machine interfaces such as prosthetics, and many, many more fields. Through our effort, energy, and enthusiasm we will make Biomechanics The Breakthrough Science of the 21st Century! We can do this through a unified and enthusiastic celebration of Biomechanics through NBD 2019. The true wonder of National Biomechanics Day is that we all celebrate Biomechanics together. NBD provides a platform for us to unite into one synchronized, worldwide celebration of Biomechanics. It is a blast.

NBD has grown from a U.S. based initiative in 2016 to a worldwide Biomechanics movement in 2019 and we have introduced Biomechanics to 20,000+ young people and 800+ teachers since our inception. Laboratories throughout the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, England, Portugal, Chile, Germany, and a host of other countries provided hands-on, interactive Biomechanics demonstrations producing tremendous excitement about Biomechanics among high school students and teachers, as documented by the photographs on Instagram: NBD on Instagram

Our official date for NBD 2019 is April 10 although of course you can hold your NBD on any spring date that works best for you. We had over 450 registered Biomechanists in 2018. Let’s double that this year…no, triple that…no, Order-of-Magnitude that in 2019.

Please register for NBD 2019 and please be sure to have all your Lab partners (faculty, students, employees) who contribute to your NBD register too!

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We provide many helpful materials and suggestions about creating your NBD HERE.

Thank you very much and with great enthusiasm for your participation,

Paul DeVita, Ph.D.

If you are not yet convinced about NBD, please take a moment to watch this NBD 2018 video from the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab:

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(handkerchief required)

Some highlights from NBDs in 2018: