Membership of CMAS

Membership runs for one year, April to April, irrespective of the date of registration.

Membership is included with the registration fee of the April annual meeting (except student registration).

If members are unable to attend the meeting then their membership will need to be renewed after the meeting (via this website).

Membership is also available on its own at £25 any time of the year but will expire the following April.

e.g. a £25 registration via the website in March will expire one month later

  • Participation

    Membership allows participation in and contribution to a group of professionals whose focus is the development of high quality movement analysis services and research.

  • Key Aims

    Members play an important role within the key aim of CMAS – the formulation of standards to promote quality in movement analysis services.

  • Community

    CMAS offers a forum for meeting other professionals and taking a coordinated approach to discussions with other professional bodies.

  • Resources

    CMAS provides regular e-newsletters and the AGM provides an opportunity to see presentations on case studies, technical and clinical issues and research reports.