The history of CMAS

A national group for those involved in gait analysis was first suggested in 2000 – the fledgling organization was called GLUK (Gait Labs UK).

Over the next 2 years the society gathered support and on March 3rd 2002 the inaugural meeting was held. A constitution was agreed and a working committee established at this meeting. The membership elected CMAS as the new name. The new society was expanded to include all those working in movement analysis in the UK and Ireland with the aim of a coordinated approach to movement analysis standards and professional matters.

CMAS was registered with Companies House as a company limited by guarantee in December 2011 (Number: 07867082) and subsequently became a charitable company in July 2012 (Number: 1148105).

CMAS membership includes physiotherapists, clinical scientists and engineers, consultant orthopaedic surgeons, consultant paediatricians, researchers and others with an interest in movement analysis. The majority work with or in clinical gait analysis laboratories.